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Activate What You Want In Your Life Through The Power Of the Intention-Activated, DNA-shifting Energy-Infused, engineered sound journey, Harmonic Activation, CUSTOMIZED just for YOU.

What happens when you use sound, infused with laser focused intention and healing energetics specific to exactly what YOU want and/or need?

A phenomenon called “Harmonic Activation”.

A powerhouse energetic experience and journey that transforms your cells and activates healing, clears whatever energetic blocks, physical or emotional, standing in the way, infusing your DNA with new patterning for what you intend and desire, allowing the barriers to literally be vaporized and vanished through the power of sound intention as the vehicle for healing and activating energy for what you want and intend in your life.

Your custom Harmonic Activation is personally created for you and energetically activated and customized for you by Lynn Rose.

     INTENTIONS/ACTIVATIONS can be around:

  • Healing or shifting Relationship issues
  • Healing or relieving physical pain
  • Healing thru a break up
  • Calling in The One
  • Calling in Abundance
  • Career Vision
  • Calling in Clarity
  • Owning your Power
  • Healing or relieving physical challenges unique to you
  • Releasing Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, whatever stops you
  • Use Your Imagination

Choose what you want YOURS around (or book several different ones for you, if you wish!)

I look forward to what opens up for YOU!

With love, gratitude and full belief in the power of YOU,